There are lots of saying that the meaning behind trains on the bridal gown signifies status, and wealth – that ages ago, materials used to make wedding gowns were very expensive, hence, women from the rich families would try to use as much materials as she could possibly afford into her dress to make a long wedding train.

Bride looking into window

Someone else later told me that wedding trains symbolizes a bride’s hope and anxiety to the begining of a new journey with someone whom she wants to spend her life with. With a long wedding train, the bride could only walk forward, never backwards, and only towards the person whom she has her eyes on, whom she is going to entrust her life to. At that point, you trust that you are making the best decision of your life, with no room for regrets or looking back.

Upon hearing that, somehow these trains seem to look a hundred times more dreamy and romantic than I thought it ever was!

Just as I was looking for pictures of wedding gowns with long trains, I found this interesting read that features the longest train in the world that is 2 miles long! Woooow….

The longest wedding dress in the world at the Trinita de Monti

This is quite a scene, isn’t it?

Then again, much as this looked really spectacular, I wouldn’t want to trip and fall over these trains on my wedding day, especially in my heels! ;p What about you, do you dream of having such long trains?