Wedding Day Coordination

Engaging an Actual Day Coordinator

A Wedding Day Coordinator is ideal and most essential for hands-on couples who prefer to do most of the planning on your own, but need someone to take charge and assist on the wedding day. Essentially, the main responsibility of an actual day wedding coordinator is to ensure all your wedding plans are carried out smoothly and to handle any problems that may arise.

Having a professional with ample experience on the day of your wedding helps to make sure all the countless hours and effort you have placed into planning will be well-executed and that you and your guests can truly enjoy every moment of the wedding.


Wedding Coordination Services

Prior to the wedding day, it is important for us to meet up with the couple to go through all the arrangements that have been made.
We will then work on the following from there (services include, but not limited to):

– Vetting through all arrangements made by the couple
– Come up with a detailed timeline 1-2 months before your wedding day
– Coordination with all wedding vendors and helpers on the day of your wedding
– Handle all actual day activities and operations, including setting up and tearing down of venue
– Choreograph all sequence of events among all involved vendors
(eg. cueing your sound technicians, emcees, banquet managers etc.)
– Attending and guiding the couple and their families on the actual day
– Collection of deliverables after your wedding day