As part of the initiative to spread awareness of Japanese locally grown and produced food, we will be collaborating with J’s Agri (a Food Agricultural Platform and Project developed by Japan Tourism Board, JTB Western in short) to bring in more fresh, and good quality Japanese food products here in Singapore.


The Wedding Gift Collection

In view of this collaboration, we have launched a special series of gifts collection with these products. Consumers can then not only enjoy the products on its own, but to also share and enjoy these products with their loved ones on special occasions.

Ultimately, we hope to bridge the gap between Japan and Singapore further through food, and in turn, for consumers to bridge relationships through our products.

About J’s Agri Project

The project aims to connect Japan’s food, agriculture, and tourism, with its rich culture, thereby conveying the country’s charms to potential visitors here and abroad. Through this project, the JTB Western Japan Group strives to broaden cultural exchanges and enrich communities.

Presenting the Best of Japan

Japanese food is highly acclaimed around the world. Stretching out to the north and south, surrounded by the sea, and comprising regions with a variety of natural environments, Japan has developed a diverse food culture. Through generations, the Japanese have treasured traditional vegetables, fruits, and local seafood and take great pride in their local produce. All products are carefully selected to ensure delivering only products of good quality here.


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