Wedding Planning


From the first approach, we provide professional consultation and planning services, from venue sourcing, vendors sourcing, budgeting and every other related details. We recognize that every couple is different and unique in their own ways and fulfilling your needs are of our top priority.


Planning Process

There will be lots of decisions that you will have to make throughout the planning process. At times when you feel indecisive or lost, we will always be there to support and provide you with accurate advices with our past experiences. We guide, and help to shape your dreams into reality. We place much attention to details so let us take care of everything and you will not have to take time off your busy schedule to liaise and meet up with your wedding vendors.

Actual Day Operations

It’s your big day and you are beginning to feel the jitters, you start worrying if the flowers have been delivered to the venue, if the program for the day is in order, will the video run smoothly during the party… With us around, you can rest confidently throughout the wedding and leave these matters in our care. Our exclusive wedding planner will plan and create a wedding that is uniquely yours. From the preparations to the actual day operations, we will take care of it all. Please feel relieved and leave everything to us.


Pursuing perfection for your wedding…

Entrust your big day to wedding planner trained by Japanese professionals for an all-rounded, efficient and professional wedding planning experience.
Specializing in restaurant weddings, we make sure that all weddings are original and unique to each couple’s needs.