As wedding planners, we sometimes have the privilege to go for food tasting with our clients and our role, is definitely not just a companion, but we serve as a reminder for them to consider all other factors that they might overlook.

Few days back, we accompanied our couple to go for the food tasting at 7Adam and we were so glad that they were so satisfied with the food!

Check out the food galore below to feast your eyes!

7adam food

7adam food-1

Remember when we were younger, whenever we plan our birthday parties, we will always choose all our favourite dishes when it comes to food catering!

I remembered all the dishes I chose were my favourite and almost all of the dishes were meat (I’m an extreme meat lover) and I didn’t even order any vegetable dishes for my guests!  I’d even bought durians for all my guests as dessert!

And at the end of the night, to my horror, there were so much leftovers.  And there I realized how important it is to consider your guests’ tastes and preferences when planning a party instead of just catering just for yourself!

7adam food-2

Same goes for weddings, food is definitely one of the most important factors that determine your guests’ satisfaction, and I’m sure that you would want your guests to feel that they had a fabulous meal at your wedding!

So during your food tasting session, not only does the food have to live up to your expectations, but do remember to take your guests’ preferences into consideration too! On a side note, not being biased, I must say that the food at 7Adam is really good!

But well, if I could plan my party all over again, I’d still choose all my favourite dishes, as I always feel that it’s a joy to share the good food that you love with all your loved ones! Of course, this time I would also take my guests’ tastes and preferences into consideration, and to exclude the durian feast! 😉

Have a great week ahead!