Finally back to blog about Mr and Mrs Shirota’s wedding that was held at 7Adam last month! It was a really memorable day for us as they were the very first couple who had contacted us since our opening. After months of meetings and planning with them, the day was finally here! They were the nicest people to work with, and we felt so happy for them on their wedding day.

The lunch reception was a simple, yet intimate affair that involved only their close friends, but the atmosphere was really sweet and heartwarming.

So we’ve heard their love for diving and suggested them to bring in their diving sets to decorate the place. And that’s one thing about holding your wedding at restaurants – you can have the whole place for yourself to put up whatever decorations you wish to put!

Here’s Mr Shirota who went over early to set up his diving gear at the restaurant!


Then came Mrs Shirota after she had her hair set at the salon. Her hairdo was so pretty! Anyway, we love the fact that 7Adam has a spacious private room, which can be turned into a cozy changing room for the bride. So here’s the pretty bride, getting ready in the private room.



Love how Mr Shirota is admiring his bride in the mirror 🙂



Mrs Shirota even made these dolphins for the reception table. They were both handsewn by her!



All eyes on the couple as they enter the venue! They sure looked happy, don’t they?


It was a standing style party, so there were speeches going on, people mingling around, and enjoying the sumptious buffet provided by 7Adam. Of course, not forgeting the cake cutting ceremony, and the exchange of their first bites!



Another highlight was the bouquet pulls! Ladies chosen by the bride will step forward, each holding onto a ribbon. Only one ribbon is attached to the bouquet while the others were loose.


Similar to bouquet toss, the lucky person who gets the bouquet is believed to be able to receive great happiness! And here’s the lucky one who got the bouquet!


Towards the end, the bride and groom arranged a surprise for each other!

Mrs Shirota arranged for a letter dedicated to the groom from his most respected father, who wasn’t able to attend the wedding in Singapore. Following that, Mr Shirota had also prepared a speech for Mrs Shirota.


I’m sure most of us don’t usually express ourselves to our loved ones even though we know exactly in our hearts how important they are to us and how much we treasure them. So take the chance and let your spouse know how much they mean to you on your wedding day.


Little gestures like this definitely make a wedding a whole lot more memorable, don’t they?

We were really honored and glad to be able to play a part in their wedding. Congratulations again to Mr & Mrs Shirota and we sincerely wish for the both for them to have a blissful marriage life ahead!

We’ve uploaded more pictures on their wedding on our Facebook page, so click here to check them out 🙂