Sorry for the long hiatus, yet again! This time we’re back with lots of overdue pictures!


We had our wedding fair at 7Adam around end of October and the turnout was great! Many thanks again to all our partners, Love Droplets, Chris Ling Photography, The Beautiful Carrier, Sparkle Live Music, Olive Suite Bridal, Balloon Maniac and Mawaki Makeup! We’ve just gotten the event images from Chris Ling, and have uploaded them onto our Facebook page, so do check them out!


Just last week, we had the pleasure to help one of our couples planned their wedding at Boathouse. It was yet another small reception with only about 50 over guests, but the atmosphere was great! All feelings were heartfelt, and we love seeing how the couple and guests had enjoyed themselves.


Some people find planning a wedding a chore, and can’t wait to get over and done with it (I hope the guys reading are not guilty of this..), but in fact, wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and everyone should enjoy every single part of it to the fullest, including the planning! It’s a time where you get to enjoy the company of all the people whom you care about, and had played an important part of your life. It’s the day that marks a new begining in your life and you would want to share and spread this joy to everyone around you as well, you would like them to feel as happy for you as you are.


That is why we always take pride in helping our couples to achieve this dream!


Okay, I think I’m easily drifted away from my main topic. Back to the wedding at Boathouse, so we were there the night before to oversee the setup and I think the view at Boathouse at night’s really beautiful! It’s a really nice and dainty place to hold a wedding.




Here’s the indoor table settings, flowers were not up yet though. I’ve always taken a liking for long table settings as they never fail to look classy and elegant. It’s much easier to guests to interact and speak to each other as well!




Here’s our florist hard at work!! They have been the nicest people to work with 🙂


So this is what we do before the wedding, checking the venue, overseeing the setup to make sure that everything will go on smoothly the next day, and to put our couples’ minds at ease so that they can have a good night rest and focus entirely on being a good-looking couple the next day! 😉


Will try to update again with more pictures to feast your eyes so check back soon!