This week has been a busy week filled with errands and meetings for us, but they sure were fruitful! As you should all know, we tie up with unique restaurants that provide a more cozy, and relaxed atmosphere to house a wedding party.

Of course we would have to constantly look out for new venues so that we’ll be able to suggest venues that will best suit what you are looking for – from the sleek, contemporary styles such as 7Adam, to the dreamy, fantasy-like garden style weddings at Au Jardin!

Site visit never fails to amaze me, I love checking out new restaurants cause most of them are just so pretty. There are indeed lots of hidden gems in Singapore!

Just few days back, we were at Alkaff Mansion for a site visit and we thought that it might just be the perfect place for you to hold your wedding!!


It has a very nice colonia exterior, and the ambience in the restaurant is really great – perfect for first dates or even proposals….. so girls you might want to hint your partners about this if you want a roooooomantic proposal! 😉



It has also an outdoor terrace where you can hold your outdoor solemnization! Anyhow, the space is really huge so there’s plenty of room for you to put your creativity skills to use!


Triumph was also holding an event when we were there, and the setup was really grand and amazing. We would really love to plan a wedding here in the near future! Any brides-to-be out there who are interested, would you like to fulfil our wish while we make yours come true too?

And there we were the next day at White Rabbit, which I’m sure most of you have already heard of the place. It’s perfect for brides who are not christians or catholics but which to have a church style wedding!



Likewise, there’s an outdoor terrace for outdoor parties and solemnization. But personally, I’d prefer the indoor setup!



We welcome feedbacks, or even suggestions if you have any restaurants that you think might be perfect for your wedding!! On and off, we will also provide reviews of the new venues that we’ve been checking out so hopefully this blog will be able to give you constructive feedback and insights while you’re planning your wedding!

We’ll also update our Facebook page very often so please “Like” us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/eternalemotion.sg) for more updates too! Please feel free to leave a comment on Facebook if there’s any venues that you might be interested in so we can check them out for you!

Enjoy this long weekend ahead guys! Till next time!