One of the most challenging thing about planning a wedding is to be able to have ample knowledge and creativity skills to come up with unique themes, ideas and artwork that can surprise the others.

One of the habits of someone in the wedding industry is that, while you are surfing the net on your mobile, one moment you might be on Facebook looking at your friends latest updates, and just the next moment you will find yourself on wedding sites, portals, looking for interesting pictures and inspiration that may or may not be related to the upcoming weddings that you might be planning unconsciously! And all of a sudden your phone and notebook is flooded with tonnes and tonnes of images that are related to wedding because you didn’t want to miss any interesting ideas that you might have seen online! But the good thing is, you’ll never run out of pretty wallpapers to set for your phone ;p

Anyway, we are really excited about the coming wedding in September, which is in exactly one month’s time! As the date of the wedding draws nearer, we have been busy running around vendors’ shops, eg. our florists, printing shops to finalize all the nitty-gritty details before the big day!

It has always been a pleasure to run about doing such errands – it’s as though every trip that we make, we are about 5% closer to making somebody else’s dream come true!

Nuff’ said, here’s a little peep of us doing a small errand to the craft shop to discuss about the invitation cards.



Seems like everyone’s hard at work.. that’s all for now! Have a great weekend ahead, everyone!